CW Academy Advisor Awards

CW Academy advisors volunteer their time to help their students learn Morse code or to improve their CW proficiency. For me, the best reward is watching a student getting excited about their success and wanting to do more. This is a very heady feeling and is difficult to express. When our students are happy, I think many of us advisors are just as happy if not more.

CWops provides awards to advisors as a token of their appreciation for what they do. These are based on the number of classes that the advisor has led.

For advising six classes:

Six class advisor award.

For advising 12 classes:

For advising 24 classes:

For 36 classes advised, an engraved iPad is awarded.

For 48 classes advised, the advisor has a choice of either a Begali “Pearl” paddle or a N3ZN model ZN-9RZ paddle.

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