CW Academy Basic class practice files, – Week 2.

These audio files are three-letter words and call signs at two different speeds – 25 WPM and 30 WPM. They include some space between characters.

As an advisor, I have noticed that basic-class students develop the ability to recognize characters a bit faster as the class progresses, but oftentimes a person might recognize a character and needs time to reset their mind to hear the next character. These audio files are designed to help you to reduce the need for that reset. The goal is not to recognize or retain the word but to hear the character and quickly get ready to hear the next. This is a significant skill that involves not dwelling on individual characters. You might find that eliminating the “dwelling” aspect is going to be a big part of a basic class.

Listen to the files, preferably with your eyes closed, and try to let the sounds flow into your mind and try to quickly come up with the character. You can “voice” it in your mind or imagine the character just popping up. Then just as quickly, prepare for the next character. For the words, you can try retaining the letters and note if you can recognize the word. In the early stages of the basic class, word recognition is not the focus.