Certificates and Awards

A collection of the various certificates and awards that I have received.

Tip: turn your logs in to the contest organizers. You might be surprised later on.

ARRL DXCC Award, Mixed, W8JPF
ARRL Triple Play
ARRL WAS, Digital
IARU HF World Championship, 2016
ARRL 10 Meter Contest, 2014
ARRL 10 Meter Contest, 2016
State QSO Party, 2021, Worked All QSO Party Award
State QSP Party Challenge, 2020
Arkansas QSO Party, 2015
Arkansas QSO Party, 2017
Carolina Spelling Bee, 2018
Colorado QSO Party, 2016
Idaho QSO Party, 2016
Idaho QSO Party, 2020
Indiana QSO Party, 2017
Maine QSO Party, 2019
Montana QSO Party, 2016

Nebraska QSO Party, 2017
New England QSO Party, 2019
RAC Canada Winter Contest, 2018
Washington State Salmon Run, 2016
Washington State Salmon Run, 2018
Washington State Salmon Run, 2019
Tennessee QSO Party, 2015
Virginia QSO Party, 2016
Virginia QSO Party, 2018
Virginia QSO Party, 2019
Virginia QSO Party, 2020
13 Colonies Special Event, 2014
13 Colonies Special Event, 2015
13 Colonies Special Event, 2016
13 Colonies Special Event, 2017
13 Colonies Special Event, 2019
Pluto Special Event, 2015
FISTS Century Club Award
FISTS Fall Sprint, 2015
FISTS Summer Sprint, 2016
FISTS Millionaire Award
FISTS Perpetual Prefix Award
FISTS QLF Certificate
FISTS Spectrum Award