My first HF antenna

After over 35 years, I finally got back into amateur radio early in 2014. This represented my first experience with HF. My first antenna was an off-center fed dipole, about 20 feet or so above the ground. It was about 65 feet long, started at a chimney on our house and ran down to a post at the back part of our lawn. The feed point was attached to a PVC pipe attached to the side of our gazebo.

Off-center fed dipole.

It tuned without and external tuner on 40, 20, 17, 12 , 10 and 6 meters. I don’t remember if it worked on 30 meters. I don’t think I ever used the internal tuner on my radio. It definitely would not tune on 15 meters.

Since 2014 was around the last solar maximum, I put another off-center fed dipole cut for 15 meters under the longer wire. I don’t remember how that was connected at each end but the two dipoles shared a common feed point.

Coax was used as the main feed line. A commercial choke, consisting of a short length of coax with ferrite beads surrounding it, was used.

Performance was not great, it was fairly good for local contacts, as expected with it being so close to the ground. I was able to work some DX although nothing sticks out. I was active on phone and digital, mostly JT65 and JT9.